Monday, 15 January 2018

Write yourself happy!

Today is Blue Monday - apparently the most depressing day of the year.

This year it is compounded by the fast approaching BIG birthday I have next month.

I have always known that writing has a positive affect on my mood so with that in mind I turned my attention to writing a poem, inspired by something completely off the wall a friend said over coffee earlier today.

I hope it brightens your day...

My Granny’s Cat

My granny has a cat
It lives under the stairs
At least that’s what she tells me
But I’ve never seen it there.

She says it’s cute and cuddly
A little ball of fluff
But when I peer into the cupboard
It’s just filled with other stuff.

A wind up torch, a clothes brush
An odd shoe, a cricket bat
No evidence that I can see
To suggest she has a cat.

I think my granny’s got it wrong
I think she’s telling lies
Which is naughty, but I let her off
She’s quite old, she’s 55.

I think she’s just forgetful
And living in the past
When dinosaurs walked down the street
And time didn’t fly so fast.

She says a lot of funny things
And so do mum and dad
It’s crazy being in a family
Where everyone’s quite mad.

My granny says she has a cat
It lives under the stairs
It hides behind the hoover
And comes out when I’m not there.

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