Thursday, 4 May 2017

some more writing group inspiration!

Another good evening at my writing group last night and some more poetry.

This is based on a workshop someone had been to run by Natalie Scott

We looked at several poems and I chose the prompt loosely based on a poem by Deborah Landau called “You’ve Got to Start Somewhere”.

The prompt was – recall a time when the world around you is moving at a fast pace.

This is what I came up with…

Everybody’s Moving On

Everybody’s moving on.
And I am staying put.
Everybody’s chasing me.
I’ve fallen in a rut.
Everybody’s growing up.
What do I want to be?
Everybody’s in a couple.
I’m on my own. Just me.
Everybody’s changing.
Wisdom added to their years.

Really everybody’s just the same
It’s not as it all appears…

The ending is a bit abrupt but then I did write it in 5 minutes and I’ve only tidied it up a bit from last night.

I think in a lot of ways it sums up how I feel sometimes. The world is moving quickly and it’s easy to believe everyone else has life sorted, especially viewing all the “happy” posts on Facebook but if you stop for a minute and snap out of your self-pity you see that we all have struggles to contend with.

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