Friday, 18 July 2014

Re-invention – in search of lost glitter…

My life hasn’t turned out as I planned and I know I am not alone, the world is full of fractured things and broken people.

But I don’t want to dwell on the past, I want to shake off three of my most hated labels, of being

Depressed, Single-Parent and Widowed

And instead make those letters stand for 

Defiantly Sassy and Wonderful

As you can tell I like to play with words and I love to write.

It is the one thing I keep coming back to - words and writing, poetry and prose, a way of expressing my thoughts and emotions. A way to clear my head and focus.

Recently I have been writing poems on Twitter based on the many writing prompts I find. I’ve accumulated too many scraps of paper with ideas on and they need a home for safe keeping, somewhere I can share them with non-Twitter folk and find them again easily. 

I hope to be posting quite a few recently written poems over the next week or so and add some of my favourite stories from my old blogs. Hopefully there will be lots of new words too but less true life stuff – well it may be there in some guise or other but I shall take more liberties and use my imagination…

I want my writing to stand alone without the usual waffle - like I'm writing now - this is a one off!!!!

(( However if you like real life waffle you can still find my old blogs here - unravelling-edges and re-ravelling ))

My new blog title seemed to come to me from nowhere as I sat down to type. Then I remembered a dream I once had where I was burdened, carrying far too much stuff, my weary arms gave way as I could hold on no longer and I dropped glitter and pasta on the stairs making a terrible mess.

A lot of the time you need to concentrate on the practical things in life, the pasta, but every girl needs a bit of sparkle too - so come with me on the next stage of my journey in search of lost glitter…

P.S. Added November 2015

This is no longer a blog of pure fiction and make believe but a blog of my thoughts and feelings and general waffle. Its a long story and maybe I will explain it one day... but whatever happens I am still gathering glitter one speck at a time!


  1. I will join you in the search for glitter and sparkle :)

    1. you are always welcome on my journey - you always have tissues in your bag when I need them! :-) xx

  2. So pleased you're sticking with the writing - we all need a bit more sparkle in our lives!

    1. I hope it does sparkle even if there are sometimes tears - reading them back some of my poems are quite sad! But I'm writing purely for pleasure because I love it, so that has got to be a good thing! x

  3. Love it. All the best with your shiny new blog. May you find the glitter in the most surprising of places. x

    1. I am learning to see the glitter in the pasta and the wonderful in the ordinary. Thanks for joining me x